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Wrongful Termination/Retaliation

Cary Wrongful Termination Attorney

Cary, North Carolina, Retaliation Lawyer

You brought something up with your employer — perhaps you exposed an injustice, brought a discrimination claim or hinted at the sexual harassment you experienced. Now, your employer has fired or demoted you.

What your employer did may be illegal.

In North Carolina, this is called "wrongful discharge in violation of public policy" (WDVPP). If you have been terminated, demoted, transferred or have had other actions taken against you because of your lawful actions, contact The Richards Law Firm PC.

Cary wrongful termination lawyer Kimberly Richards has nearly a decade of experience protecting the rights of workers who work in small businesses and large corporations. She has recovered damages for lost wages in North Carolina and other states.

Do You Have a Wrongful Termination Case?

A combination of state and federal laws forbid employers to fire employees in retaliation for filing certain claims against them or participating in certain protected activities. Under North Carolina's Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act (REDA), you may have a wrongful termination claim if you were fired after bringing a complaint about:

  • A work-related injury (such as filing a workers' compensation claim)
  • Your hourly wages or salary
  • Your work hours
  • Workplace safety or health (such as reporting an OSHA violation)
  • Sexual harassment or a hostile work environment
  • Sexual assault occurring at work and retaliation for reporting the incident to law enforcement authorities
  • An employer's illegal activity such as fraud (or bringing a whistleblower claim)

Similarly, your employer cannot fire you because of your participation in the National Guard, juvenile justice system, a domestic violence situation, genetic testing or other protected activities. Under federal employment law, you cannot be fired because of your age, race, gender, religion, national origin or disability or for bringing an employment discrimination claim.

Holding Employers Accountable ▪ Preventing Retaliation

Time is extremely important in wrongful termination cases. If you are the victim of wrongful termination, contact us as soon as possible. Attorney Richards is available weekdays, evenings and weekends, and accepts credit cards.