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Sexual Assault Civil Litigation

Sexual Assault Lawsuit Attorney in North Carolina

Victims of sexual assault can restore some of their trust and dignity by taking action against not only their attacker, but also those that fail to provide a safe environment. In many situations, a violent episode could have been avoided with proper security measures or other precautionary measures such as better employee screening or supervision.

Currently, under North Carolina law, private property owners, including the owners of apartment buildings, hotels, retail and fast-food stores, malls, nursing homes and medical care facilities, and other businesses are required to ensure a safe environment on their property.

When violent crimes, such as a sexual assault, occur on private property, the owner of the property may be liable for damages if he or she failed to take the proper steps to ensure your safety.

At The Richards Law Firm, we are experienced in fighting for the rights of sexual assault victims. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you pursue civil litigation for compensation related to your sexual assault case.

Cary Lawyer Helping People Hurt in Unsafe Work Environments

Attorney Kimberly Richards is a former prosecutor and is skilled with both criminal prosecution and liability law. We have been involved with numerous cases involving the rights of sex crime victims, including:

  • Assaults taking place in medical facilities, including while patients are being administered chemotherapy
  • Rapes occurring at bars or on the premises of other types of establishments where alcohol is served
  • Sexual abuse committed in an unsafe work environment whether by a fellow employee, boss or a third party visiting the premises
  • Assaults resulting from negligent security or during a burglary and the security system failed

Many of these situations can be pursued as a premises liability action, but it takes a seasoned trial attorney to effectively structure a case for compensation. We have experience handling these sensitive cases and we know how to pursue an outcome that achieves justice.

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