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Business Law

Detailed Cary Business Law Attorney

Once your company is set up, a business lawyer's job is to help you operate profitably, provide you with effective counsel that will allow your business to grow and flourish, and protect your business' interests when disputes arise.

At The Richards Law Firm PC, we always seek to address any legal needs you have cost-effectively and resolve disputes rationally. Contact us today to learn more about our business counsel services.

Comprehensive Business Law Services

Whether we help you form the business or you come to us after being in operation for a long time, our firm strongly encourages our clients to look ahead and plan for the future. We draft our business agreements and business formation documents to include plans for if the business should dissolve, whether ending in a business divorce, an amicable parting of ways, or a decision to sell.

We can also handle all of your business transaction needs including dealing with municipal code violations, contract disputes with parties you do business with, or zoning issues. We are here to advise and counsel you with every aspect of your business.

Our long-term business law services include:

  • Negotiation, drafting and review of contracts and agreements of all types
  • Advice on any business transaction
  • Resolution of business disputes and employment matters through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation
  • Business succession planning
  • Sale, dissolution and wind-down of businesses

As a Cary business law attorney, Kimberly Richards believes part of being an effective lawyer is to help your business succeed, which will in turn enhance our community and keep the heart of America beating. We are here to help you maximize profits, protect business interests and create long-lasting relationships within the business community of North Carolina and beyond.

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