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Wage and Hour Issues

Minimum Wage Lawyer Serving Chapel Hill and Other Areas

Cary Wage and Hour Attorney

When you are at your place of employment, you have responsibilities that you work hard to fulfill. You perform the duties expected of you, advance the interests of your employer and follow the policies and procedures designed to create value for the organization.

Your employer also has obligations, and it is legally required to fulfill them. It is required to honor the terms of employment contracts, including contracts for exempt and nonexempt workers, workers paid by commission and contractors. It is obligated to provide meal and rest breaks at designated intervals. And it is required to follow overtime and minimum wage laws.

If you have questions about workplace wage and hour issues and laws, contact the employment law attorneys at The Richards Law Firm PC. We are experienced in resolving a broad range of employment-related legal issues and are committed to achieving a fair outcome for the victims of wage and hour violations.

We Have Helped Thousands of People Win Their Wage and Hour Claims.

Firm lawyer Kimberly Richards has handled numerous wage and hour violation claims, including claims involving multiple defendants against national employers. Our experience includes a highly publicized case against Wal-Mart. Indeed, it was one of the largest employment class actions in American jurisprudence in 2005. We served as attorneys through class certification in a case representing almost 200,000 people claiming they were denied meal and rest breaks required by law. The case eventually went to court, where the plaintiffs won a $172 million verdict.

We can help in a broad range of wage and hour issues, including:

  • Issues of exempt vs. nonexempt misclassification;
  • Denial of overtime pay and failure to pay at least the minimum wage;
  • Pay issues for independent contractors;
  • Employer requests to work without pay;
  • Withholding of wages and nonpayment of commission upon termination and,
  • Employment contract disputes.

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Contact us to discuss your wage and hour employment questions. We offer consultations, are available weekdays, evenings and weekends, accept credit cards. To contact our law office, call 866.775.3436 or 919.535.3623.