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Severance Agreements

Cary Severance Agreements Lawyer

Durham Severance Pay Attorney

Are you facing a layoff? Have you been offered a severance package? Is it fair? At The Richards Law Firm PC, we help employees negotiate the terms of severance agreements.

Cary severance agreement attorney Kimberly Richards has nearly a decade of experience handling employment law matters. She is a strong advocate for North Carolina employees who has successfully negotiated with both small and large companies. Contact us today to schedule a convenient consultation.

Negotiating for an Employee-Friendly Result

Generally, employers write separation agreements in their favor. For example, severance contracts often prevent employees from taking legal actions against their employers and include noncompete clauses.

Our law office can review your severance agreement to determine whether or not it is employee-friendly. If it does not support your interests, we can negotiate with your company for a different result. In many cases, this means negotiating for a higher severance amount.

Did You Refuse To Sign Your Severance Agreement?

Employees have many reasons for refusing to sign severance agreements. Sometimes, the severance agreement is simply unfair. Other times, the severance agreement is an employer's attempt to avoid a lawsuit.

If your employer has acted unlawfully and you refused to accept a severance package, we can help you file a lawsuit against your employer. We have experience with a wide variety of employment claims, such as:

Contact Us for Experienced Representation

North Carolina, severance agreements attorney Kimberly Richards is available weekdays, evenings and weekends, and accepts credit cards. To schedule an appointment, contact us by e-mail or call our North Carolina office at 866.775.3436 or 919.535.3623.