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Employment Discrimination

Cary Employment Discrimination Attorney

North Carolina Race Discrimination Lawyer

Discrimination at work is harmful. Years of education and work experience can be negated if promotions are denied because of race or gender. Years of physical therapy can be negated if an employer refuses to accommodate the needs of a disabled employee. And livelihoods and fair treatment can suffer when age discrimination occurs.

Discrimination at work is also illegal and, often, actionable. At The Richards Law Firm, we have helped dozens of people who have experienced discrimination on the job achieve fairness and compensation.

Experienced On-the-Job Discrimination Attorneys.

Attorney Kimberly Richards has resolved numerous employment discrimination cases. In one case, a female client experienced gender discrimination and sexual harassment while working for a firm contracting with the government. After investigating the claim, interviewing witnesses, and assembling a strong case, a settlement was reached of $300,000.

Employment discrimination based on age, race, gender, religion, national origin and disability is illegal. It is also illegal for an employer to "retaliate" against an employee who reports suspected workplace discrimination.

If you have questions regarding employment discrimination, contact us. Access to buildings, elevator access, unequal treatment, lack of promotional opportunities and lack of reasonable accommodation can all constitute a valid and actionable discrimination claim.

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